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2010年 7月 11日(日曜日) 14:00

fre:acは、フリーのオーディオのコンバータ、CDリッパーと様々なフォーマットへのエンコーダーです。MP3、MP4/M4A、WMA、Ogg VorbisFLAC、AAC、Bonk形式の音楽ファイルを相互に変換することが出来ます。



fre:ac is now available as an AppImage
2019年 1月 26日(土曜日) 19:06

fre:ac is now also available packaged as an AppImage for Linux systems.

AppImages are self-contained packages that can be downloaded and run on most Linux distributions without the need to install any additional software. Just mark the downloaded AppImage as executable and run it.

Get the AppImage for your architecture at the downloads page!

fre:ac is now available as a Snap package
2019年 1月 21日(月曜日) 19:51

fre:ac is now also available as a Snap for Linux systems supporting the Snappy package infrastructure.

This makes fre:ac available in the software directories of many popular Linux distributions and simplifies installation for their users. In most cases, fre:ac will show up with a simple search for freac or audio converter in these directories.

Check out fre:ac's entry in the Snap Store!

fre:ac is now available as a Flatpak
2018年 12月 21日(金曜日) 18:42

The Linux version of fre:ac is now available as a Flatpak package on Flathub.

This increases visibility of fre:ac for Linux users and simplifies the installation process. If your Linux system is already setup for Flatpak, installing fre:ac is as easy as clicking Install on its Flathub page.

Thanks everyone who was involved in getting fre:ac packaged as a Flatpak and published on Flathub!

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